RoboCamp @ RIT is our week-long day camp that lets students design, build, and program robots. This camp is enriched with mini-projects and week-long goals that promote team-work and creativity. Along with the mini-projects, instructors teach the students some of the fundamental aspects of robotics and programming.

We are currently offering four age/skill levels for RoboCamp please read below to know which level is best for your student.

Quick Details About the Camp

  • Held @ Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Will be held in the James E. Gleason Building (Building 09) – Room 3200
  • 1 Week Duration Day Camps
  • Mondays – Fridays
  • Drop-off time: 8:30am – 9:30am
  • Pick-up time:  4:00pm – 4:30pm
  • Camp competition will be held on Fridays (time is TBA usually 1:00pm)
  • Beginner, Advanced and Expert Level RoboCamps offered.
  • Lunch is provided
  • All needed materials are provided to used during the camp.
  • The Age Requirement below for the camps is not restrictive. Anyone from 4th-10th grade can register (except K-5 camp). It shows the teaching level of the camp and what age groups it was designed for.


  • Age Requirement (Rising 4-6 grades) 
  • No prior knowledge required!
  • Build Lego-Based Robot from Instructions
  • Learn to Program Robot
  • Learn how to use motors and sensors
  • Complete mini-tasks to solve common robotics problems
  • Team-based Competition


  • Age Requirement (Rising 6-8 grades)
  • Beginner level of knowledge required.
  • Build Multiple Lego-Based Robot Designs
  • Learn more Advanced Programming
  • Build on existing motor and sensor knowledge
  • Complete more complex mini-tasks
  • Advanced Team-based Competition


  • Age Requirement (Rising 8-10 grades)
  • Does not use Lego Mindstorms
  • Light programming skills required.
  • Construct Non-Lego Based Robot
  • Learn to interface and program an Arduino Microcontroller
  • Use real-world senors and motors
  • Create your own Sensor!
  • Final day demonstrations.

K-5 Camp

  • Age Requirement (K -5 Grades)
  • This Camp is similar to our K 5-Enrichment Workshop  (See Details by clicking here) . 
  • Lesson Plans and Timing Details Will be Announced Shortly. (They are different from that mentioned above.)
  • Among the instructors will be Stacie Bowen who has Bachelors Degree in Education and is a teacher with a school. 
  • The K-5 Camp is right for those K-5 students that are interested in Robotics and Legos.  No prior experience is needed to attend the camp. Workshop groups are tailored based on age and skill levels. Some interests that your student may have or want to learn at this program are:
    • Building robots from instruction.
    • Modifying robots using creative approaches.
    • Learn about and use Lego Mindstorm sensors.
    • Use programs to move your robot.
    • How to create programs to move your robot and use your robot’s sensors.
    • Note : This level of teaching will be simpler and difficulty of concepts lower in comparison to the Beginners Camp.