Machine Learning Camp

Quick Details About the Camp

  • 1 Week Duration Day Camps
  • Mondays – Fridays
  • Drop Off Time:  8:30 am
  • Pick Up Time:  3:30 pm
  • Beginner  Level Machine Learning camp offered at RoboCamp.
  • All needed materials are provided to use during the camp.
  • The Age Requirement for the camp is not restrictive. Anyone from 9th-12th grade can register.
  • Content for this camp has been specially designed for these age groups to deliver Machine Learning Concepts in an enjoyable, practical and uncomplicated way


  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Application of Machine Learning.
  • What is classification?
  • What is regression?
  • How to visualize data?
  • Algorithms
    • Support Vector Machine
    • KNN
    • Decision Tree
    • Random Forest
  • Evaluation of a Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Projects

Handwritten digit classification

Using MNIST dataset, campers will learn how to classify handwritten digits. The campers would also use their own handwritten images for classification.

Price Estimation (Regression)

In this project camper would practice the regression concept they learn in action. The camper would use Boston house price to estimate house prices. 

Image Classification

The camper will use mnist fashion dataset to classify images. The objective of this to learn about image embedding. 

Final Project

The camper will select a dataset (either image or other) to build his/her own  ML algorithm on a specific problem.