K-5 Enrichment

The K-5 enrichment program is the latest addition to our programs as a collaboration of RoboCamp and the Montessori School of Rochester. This program is a 8-week long program with workshops once a week on Fridays. Lego Mindstorms kits are used and provided during the workshops. Please see Dates for the current dates offered as well Pricing for current prices. Location K-5 Enrichment workshops are held at the Montessori School of Rochester 220 Idlewood Road, Rochester, NY 14618 Who is right for K-5 Enrichment? The K-5 enrichment program is right for those K-5 students that are interested in Robotics and Legos.  No prior experience is needed to attend the enrichment program. Workshop groups are tailored based on age and skill levels. Some interests that your student may have or want to learn at this program are:
  • Building robots from instruction.
  • Modifying robots using creative approaches.
  • Learn about and use Lego Mindstorm sensors.
  • Use programs to move your robot.
  • How to create programs to move your robot and use your robot’s sensors.
General Workshop Information Students will work in small teams aided by instructors to build robots, use sensors, and experience programming using Lego Mindstorms. Each workshop is focused around a daily mini-task that is encompasses the instructions of the day.
Week 1Introduction to Lego Mindstorms, Start Building Robot
Week 2Finishe Building Robot
Week 3Moving Your Robot
Week 4Touch Sensor & Sound Sensor
Week 5Ultrasonic Sensor & Light Sensor
Week 6Group Project Ideas
Week 7Work on Group Project
Week 8Demo Project to Parents