RoboCamp is maintained and operated by the Multi-Agent Bio-Robotics Lab (MABL). MABL is part of the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Department within the Kate Gleason College of Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Our instructor staff is composed of currently enrolled undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D level college students at RIT. Additional camp counselors are recruited from local high-school, many of which are involved in First Robotics. 

Ferat Sahin / Director
Celal Savur / Administrator
Karthik Subramanian/Co-ordinator

Team 2021

Sarthak Arora

I am a PhD Student employed as a Graduate Research Assistant at KGCOE, RIT. My major is Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Robotics. Most of my time is spent working on performing research in Human Robot Interaction and assisting other graduate and undergraduate students in their courses. Besides robotics, I spend my time in photography and making music.

Stacie Bowen / Camp K-5 Counselor

Below is list of former RoboCamp administrators/Coordinators and Instructors/Volunteers.

RoboCamp Legends



  • Justin Kon
  • Xavier Tarr
  • Melis Sahin
  • Dilan Koc 
  • Benjamin Ford
  • Juan Pablo Orozco
  • Mazin Ali
  • Sadie Kulhanek
  • Ross Bluth
  • Tuly Hazbar
  • Christopher Swider