We are currently offering 3 different camp opportunities through RoboCamp. Please read the descriptions of each of the camps below to determine the best camp for your student. See Dates for all of the current dates for our programs.

  • RoboCamp – This is our week-long day camps offered only during the summer months. Lego Mindstorm kits are used for beginner and advanced levels. For expert, Arduino and other non-lego based motors and sensors are used.
    Please see RoboCamp for more details.
  • RoboWeekend – This is our year-round weekend program. We are currently using the Lego Mindstorms during the workshops for both our beginner and advanced levels.
    Please see RoboWeekend for more details.
  • K-5 Enrichment – This is our K-5 program which is currently offered as a 8-week program with workshops once a week on Fridays. Lego Mindstorms are also used for this program.
    Please see K-5 Enrichment
    for more details.